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Whatever your life experience, building your brand new home is one of the biggest and most costly aspects in life that you have undertaken to date.


From start to finish, any new build has multiple layers of dynamics - permits, measurements, materials, time frames, contractors, sub-contractors, budgets ... the list goes on!


Here at Callander Homes we will take the fuss out of your new home build; we will project manage your new home build; we will work with you to throughout the process; and we will deliver you the quality results that you expect.


Our experience will ensure you have a knowledgeable "tradie" on the job; and when combined with our relationships to local suppliers, you can be assured you have quality tools, materials and hardware to provide lasting results, that meet your budget.


So whether you're building your first home, your family home or your retirement nest, we offer you the bespoke results that you planned.


Call us today to discuss your new build project - 0275 550 582.



Let us help you:


•  manage a realistic time frame

•  understand the nature of your materials

•  consider to a comprehensive theme that will follow through each room

•  recognise where to save and where to splurge

•  work on  a solution to a 'difficult' job or to maximise room potential

•  transition to a custom design that meets you needs

•  with confidence in your building project!

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